Information for Wedding Preparation

This page provides some documents and links for preparing your wedding.

Marriage Prep

Firstly Marriage Prep. This is different to Wedding prep and it's all about laying the foundations for a successful and long lasting marriage. It considers all sorts of questions that might not come up in normal life, like managing conflict, money and time issues, priorities and how a couple might handle things like long term illness.

In 2022 we will run this course on Zoom on three Weds

evenings in February. Please contact us for details,

outside of these times you can use the materials

through the Care for the Family website.

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Planning your service

In planning your service there are a number of elements to be considered and these can be discussed with your Minister. That needs to start three to four months before the day. At about three months before the legal steps need to start. These are reading of Banns of Marriage in our church and your local church or obtaining a common license. Couples will also need to plan music and readings for the service and possibly create an order of service for guests. You will also need to have a reader(s) and witnesses.


The Church of England website Your Church Wedding

has lots of information including suggested readings

and music and answers many questions.

In May 2021 changes were made to the way that marriages

are registered. In particular churches don't issue Marriage

certificates anymore. These are done through Suffolk



The following information is more specific to Carlford:

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Our short wedding information leaflet with contact points.

This is the order of service marked with points where couples will need to make a choice, eg a piece of music, and the prayers and headings for the congregation.

If we don't have your details this is the form to use. It includes details of who will be named on the marriage document.