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Email and Documents

As part of our commitment to information security and meeting our obligations under GDPR we offer all role holders a secure Google Workspace account for emails, images, documents and collaboration. 

To apply for an account

We ask that all role holders apply for an account and agreed to the user agreement. This is a onetime activity. Applications are usually processed in about a week. To apply please click the button. Once created we will send details to your old email address.

To use your account

When the details have been sent to you, you can log into email. There will be some further terms of service to agree to and Google will provide some on screen help. We will also add your to the shared documents relevant to your parish.

To access your email and documents click these buttons and use the help & training buttons to get more help.

Telling everyone of your new account
Once your email account is set up we suggest you go to your old account and create an email to all your church contacts AND your new google account telling them of the new account. If they reply to your account Google will add their details to your contacts for further use.

Loading up your documents
We recommend that documents with personal information are only stored on Google Workspace (Drive) if you can to comply with GDPR.


Google workspace is a very secure system, but we do encourage all users to turn on a feature called 2 Step Verification.

This makes your password even more secure from hacking.

Please see Google's introduction & instructions to turn on.

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