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We welcome enquiries for baptism from those who live in the parishes or those who are regular worshippers at our churches. Sometimes people use the word ‘christening’ to refer to baptism. In fact, we’re talking about the same service and both names imply initiation into the Christian faith.

Whether you are seeking a baptism for your child, or you want to be baptised yourself, you will be making promises before God and the church family about your belief in God and how you want to follow the example and teachings of Jesus. These are important promises and to help prepare for a baptism we will invite you to a baptism preparation meeting. This will give us a chance to explain what happens during the service and why, and for you to explore the Christian faith more deeply and ask any questions you may have.

When a child is baptised they normally have two or three Godparents whose job it is to pray for your child and to help you as parents to support your child as they grow in faith.

For those that don’t wish to undertake the solemn promises of Baptism, then there are options to have an infant blessing and thanksgiving. Please get in touch so we can discuss this.

The Church of England has a really helpful site about Baptisms.
– What happens, what it means and Parents guides.

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