Our Ministry Team

The Carlford Churches are blessed with a great team of people that support our communities and churches. If you would like to know who we are or contact us you’ll find details below.

If you have a specific enquiry about a possible Wedding, Baptism or Funeral please feel free to contact Mark to discuss.

To contact the benefice via telephone please dial: 01473 735183 and you will be put through to James Hall who will direct your call appropriately.

The Rector

Following the retirement of Clare Sanders last year the benefice is now in vacancy with the roles the Rector would normally hold distributed amongst the Church wardens and Ministry team. We are looking forward to the arrival of our new Rector in May 2021

Mark Cresswell
Interim Priest in Charge

Bill Herbert
Assistant Curate

Fred Woods
Assistant Priest (PTO)

Jane Woods

James Hall

During the vacancy James is answering calls on 01473 735183

Sandra Cresswell
Children and Families Minister

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