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Two opportunities for Prayer at this time of national mourning

Sunday evening 7pm

Given the plans in Otley for a community event at the playing field at 7.45pm on Sunday, we will have compline in church at 7pm and those who want can then go and join with others for the beacon lighting and minute silence.

I will sort out orders of service. We will have one hymn, which has been written specially for churches to use at this time to the familiar tune of Abbots Leigh.

We won't sing any other hymns, but if Helen is able to join us some quiet music before and afterwards would be great.

It would be lovely to have some candles, but we won't go solely candlelit.

Monday morning 9am

On Monday morning I will say Morning Prayer in Grundisburgh church at 9am using the BCP and anyone, who would like to, is welcome to join me and hold the events of the day in prayer at the start of the day.

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