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Thank you day - 4th July

Thank You Day, on 4 July, has been proposed as a national moment to pause, when people right across the UK

are being invited to say thank you to each other after a tough year. It's a chance to get together with our neighbours, communities, and families, to mark what has happened, celebrate the spirit that got us through, and say thank you.

Thankyou day is supported by hundreds of organisations including the Church of England, with the aim of bringing people together and bridging divides, to help build a kinder, closer, and more connected society. "I want to thank everyone in the country who has risen to the huge challenge we have faced and is seeking to build new communities and bring us together" Archbishop Justin Welby, Chair of the Steering Group.

In the 11am service on Sunday (Grundisburgh and livestreamed) we'll be thinking about saying thank you to God. We'll hope to see you then! To find out more please click here.

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