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Ride and Stride and HM The Queen

Cyclists, walkers and drivers taking part in the SHCT’s annual fundraiser on Saturday September 10th are asked to remember HM the Queen as they visit Suffolk churches.

Amongst the thousands of other tributes, the Suffolk Historic Churches Trust adds our deeply felt thanks and respect for HM Queen Elizabeth’s seventy remarkable years of service. As the Royal Patron of the National Churches Trust since 1953 we know our work was close to her heart.

Following yesterday’s very sad news the Trustees weighed the matter and concluded that rather than cancel the planned events on Saturday September 10th we should see them as a tribute to her.

So, we encourage our bikers, walkers, drivers and all our supporters to come out on the day in the spirit that it is a tribute to her, to reflect upon her inestimable life of service as they make their way from church to church, to say a prayer for her soul in every church they visit and to sign any Book of Condolences they find.

Of course, we recognise that there will be some who will feel it is more appropriate not to participate and we respect their personal choice.

With kind regards


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