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Reflections and Prayers Sunday next before Lent 14th Feb

The transfiguration

One minute, Peter, James, and John were standing looking at Jesus, the next minute he changed into a white gleaming, transfigured Jesus. Then Moses, and Elijah appear. Even more astonishing they then hear the voice of God. But then, as suddenly as all that happened, there is just the three of them and Jesus back to the way they usually saw him. So down off the mountain they all go. Down to the valley where all life’s problems and challenges can be found. For Jesus, it was also down the mountain and on his way to the cross.

Even though Jesus told Peter, James and John not to tell no one, what a life changer this must have been for them! Walking down the hill must have been uplifting for them, just thinking and knowing what they had seen and heard! They had a wonderful memory to hold on to—to give them strength to face the coming days.

For us too, every once in a while, there are those uplifting, inspiring, life-changing moments—those times when we can see things clearly and truly experience God’s presence. But we always, like the disciples, have to walk down the mountain and that is where reality sets in.

Mountaintop experiences don’t change the circumstances of our life, but they can change us. It is wonderful to know that God cares. Knowing the glory and power of God makes a difference. Knowing Jesus is present with us, helps us deal with all sorts of issues, albeit sickness, Covid, lockdown, mental health, and financial crises—whatever may come our way. Jesus can replace our fear and despair with hope, and help us to face those issues and be able to go out into the world. We need to remember that when all else fails, we still have Jesus, at the top or bottom of the mountain and everywhere in between.

Jane Woods

G.K. Chesterton (1874–1936)

The Beatific Vision

Through what fierce incarnations, furled In fire and darkness, did I go, Ere I was worthy in the world To see a dandelion grow?

Well, if in any woes or wars I bought my naked right to be, Grew worthy of the grass, nor gave The wren, my brother, shame for me.

But what shall God not ask of him In the last time when all is told, Who saw her stand beside the hearth, The firelight garbing her in gold. To Pray for

  • We continue to pray for those that are mourning their loved ones.

  • The church as looks forward to life after lockdown and its place in society both nationally and at village levels.

  • Those who are preparing the Governments road map out of lockdown.

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