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Reflections and Prayers Second Sunday before Lent 7th Feb

7th February, Second Sunday before Lent. John 1 1-14

If you’re like me and like to walk a dog just after 5pm in an evening (at the end of the work day) now is a great time of year for hope, for what has been a bit of a stumble in the dark for the last couple of months is changing and there is light in the sky. It doesn’t make the muddy fields any less slippery but it does mean you can see which puddle you almost stepped in. It really brings a smile to my face! And we are halfway through Winter.

Of course it resonates with Candlemas - celebrated this week - where, as the last bit of Epiphany we celebrate the Jesus light of the world, coming into the world. But this Sunday the second before Lent the focus changes, we stop looking back to Christmas and the incarnation and forward to Easter and the cross. So I was struck to see that John’s Prologue was set for the Gospel reading this Sunday. That’s a reading traditionally read at Christmas time and associated with incarnation. Perhaps that’s the key link then, our faith in Jesus, a person. He is the linkage between Christmas and the Cross, between God and people.

We also seem to be in a similar place with the pandemic, I sincerely pray that we are at a turning point and that as the vaccine rollout proceeds we are seeing a first glimpse in the sky of a less restricted life ahead of us and in particular one that will allow us to gather physically as a community of God.

We often link light and love. We light candles to remember but also to proclaim. So as the evenings draw out, and we focus on the light of Christ let us also focus on the love of God, brought to us in the incarnation and made plain at the cross. St John also wrote in his first letter “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear” it is perhaps that image that is in my mind that as lighter evenings illuminate my walks, as Jesus’ light spreads out like the glow of a candle on a table, so too is God’s love driving out the darkness of these days. These are days of hope, especially if we are looking toward the light.

Mark Cresswell


A Prayer for Light

Fountain of light, source of light, Hear our prayer. Drive away from us the shadow of sin. Seek us, kindly light.

You, who created us in holiness, Who condemned our sin, Who redeemed us from our sin, Sustain us by your power.

Pour your gentle light into our dull minds, Filling our heads with holy thoughts. Pour your glorious light into our cold breasts, Kindling holy love within our hearts.

From horror, lust and fear, Guard us while we sleep. And if we cannot sleep, Let our eyes behold your heavenly host. To Pray for

  • We continue to pray for those that are mourning their loved ones. Pray for the family and friends of Captain Sir Tom Moore

  • Pray for Charities nationwide

  • Pray for our Churches, our Ministry and for Clare and Mark

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