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Mothering Sunday Thank yous

Next Sunday (14th March) is Mothering Sunday. Traditionally it's the day, mid way through Lent, that servants would return to their Mother churches and bring their own Mothers flowers.

In our own online service we'd like to celebrate Mothering in its widest sense and say 'thank you' to God for all the care that many people have given and received. It could be your Mum or someone you've been able to care for as a mum would. It's that act of care from parents, grandparents, carers, friends and neighbours of whatever gender. It may also be the wider church congregation or a group of people with it.

This Mothering Sunday we would like to include in our prayers thanks, to God, for that care that's been given in our community over this year and many years.

If you would like to include a thank you to God to be included next Sunday's prayers please click here to add it and we'll weave them into Sunday's prayers. Thank you!

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