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Hymn and Prayers for the 8th Sunday after Trinity, 7th August

"Wonderful Words of Life"

Reading & Collect

This week's readings can be found here for this Sunday, the eighth after Trinity are Luke 12.32-40

Our weekly reflection will be part of our Online Service on our Facebook Page on Sunday

A Special Prayer for the Crisis in Ukraine

24-7 Prayer - A Prayer for the Crisis in Ukraine (ENG)
Download PDF • 92KB


The Grass So Little Has To Do" Emily Dickinson (1830–1886)

The Grass so little has to do – A Sphere of simple Green – With only Butterflies to brood And Bees to entertain – And stir all day to pretty Tunes The Breezes fetch along – And hold the Sunshine in its lap And bow to everything – And thread the Dews, all night, like Pearls – And make itself so fine A Duchess were too common For such a noticing – And even when it dies – to pass In Odors so divine – Like Lowly spices, lain to sleep – Or Spikenards, perishing – And then, in Sovereign Barns to dwell – And dream the Days away, The Grass so little has to do I wish I were a Hay –

To Pray for

  • Peace among all nations - and an end to the devestating war between the Ukraine and Russia which continues

  • Archie Battersbee and his family at this difficult time

  • Patience

  • Faith

  • Our Farmers and Firefighters facing arson to crops, stubble and straw

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