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Hymn and Prayers for the 7th Sunday after Trinity, 31st July

"Jesus is All the World to Me"

Reading & Collect

This week's readings can be found here for this Sunday, the seventh after Trinity are Colossians 3.1-11 and Luke 12.13-21

Our weekly reflection will be part of our Online Service on our Facebook Page on Sunday

A Special Prayer for the Crisis in Ukraine

24-7 Prayer - A Prayer for the Crisis in Ukraine (ENG)
Download PDF • 92KB


Blessing That Becomes Empty As it Goes Jan Richardson

This blessing keeps nothing for itself. You can find it by following the path of what it has let go, of what it has learned it can live without. Say this blessing out loud a few times and you will hear the hollow places within it, how it echoes in a way that gives your voice back to you as if you had never heard it before. Yet this blessing would not be mistaken for any other, as if, in its emptying, it had lost what makes it most itself. It simply desires to have room enough to welcome what comes. Today, it’s you. So come and sit in this place made holy by its hollows. You think you have too much to do, too little time, too great a weight of responsibility that none but you can carry. I tell you, lay it down. Just for a moment, if that’s what you can manage at first. Five minutes. Lift up your voice— in laughter, in weeping, it does not matter— and let it ring against these spacious walls. Do this until you can hear the spaces within your own breathing. Do this until you can feel the hollow in your heart where something is letting go, where something is making way.

To Pray for

  • Peace among all nations - and an end to the devestating war between the Ukraine and Russia which continues

  • Tooting Church, London following loss of £138,000 in a scam

  • Wisdom

  • Our Lionesses as they take on the Euro Final against Germany

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