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Hymn and Prayers for the 3rd Sunday of Advent

"While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night"

"Rejoice, The Lord is King"

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Mark Greene

We were not three.

And not kings.

At least not when we arrived.

And really more curious than wise,

Craning for truth in starlit skies.

But at least looking,

At least checking

What we thought we knew:

A king born for the Jews.

No, we were not wise.

More stupid than wise,

Asking another king

To point us to a rival's cradle.

But at least asking,

And finding truth in the old scroll,

Truth a murderer would not recognise,

But wary to ply us with winsome lies

And play a deferential role.

No, we were not so wise.

More blind than wise,

Searching for a king

For someone else.

But at least searching,

And finding, in someone else's king,

Our end, the end of lifeless ways,

The rule for all our days.

Later they fancied us kings.

In that, there was only this truth:

He who would wear a crown

Must first bow low,

Must first bow down.

To Pray for

  • All those who continue to affected by Storm Arwen, and those affected by Storm Barra.

  • Holidaymakers trying to return home amongst quarantine rules.

  • Families and friends grieving the loss of someone special.

  • The success of the booster rollout.

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