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Hymn and Prayers for the 2nd Sunday of Epiphany

"Hosanna, Loud Hosanna"

Reading & Collect

Our weekly reflection will be part of our Online Service on our Facebook Page on Sunday


Because We Hunkered Down by Malcolm Guite

These bleak and freezing seasons may mean grace When they are memory. In time to come When we speak truth, then they will have their place, Telling the story of our journey home, Through dark December and stark January With all its disappointments, through the murk And dreariness of frozen February, When even breathing seemed unwelcome work. Because through all of these we held together, Because we shunned the impulse to let go, Because we hunkered down through our dark weather, And trusted to the soil beneath the snow, Slowly, slowly, turning a cold key, Spring will unlock our hearts and set us free.

To Pray for

  • Forgiveness

  • All those on hospital waiting lists

  • Inter-faith understanding and harmony

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