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Hymn and Prayers for Palm Sunday 10th April

"And Can it be That I Should Gain"

Reading & Collect

This week's readings can be found here for this Sunday, Palm Sunday, Psalm 118.19-24 and Luke 19.28-40

Our weekly reflection will be part of our Online Service on our Facebook Page on Sunday

A Special Prayer for the Crisis in Ukraine

24-7 Prayer - A Prayer for the Crisis in Ukraine (ENG)
Download PDF • 92KB


Malcolm Guite

Now to the gate of my Jerusalem,

The seething holy city of my heart,

The saviour comes. But will I welcome him?

Oh crowds of easy feelings make a start;

They raise their hands, get caught up in the singing,

And think the battle won. Too soon they’ll find

The challenge, the reversal he is bringing

Changes their tune. I know what lies behind

The surface flourish that so quickly fades;

Self-interest, and fearful guardedness,

The hardness of the heart, its barricades,

And at the core, the dreadful emptiness

Of a perverted temple. Jesus come

Break my resistance and make me your home.

"Hosanna, Loud Hosanna"

To Pray for

  • Continued hope of a peaceful resolution between the Ukraine and Russia

  • Support and Love for the refugees coming to the UK

  • Protection

  • Light in the darkness

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