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Hymn and Prayers for 15th Sunday after Trinity

'O' Jesus I have Promised'

Reading & Collect

Our weekly reflection will be part of our Online Service on YouTube on Sunday


I Am Not Sure I Want to Hear

Scott L. Barton

I am not sure I want to hear

This word about a cross so dear

To Jesus' very heart and soul

He says that it should be my goal.

He says, behind him I should get,

Which means to follow him; and yet

I have too much to do, to give

My life, as if it's true he lives.

How can it be, when life's so brief,

And filled with heartache, pain and grief,

The Lord would still invite me where

He goes? I wish he'd not compare

His life to how I'd rather keep

All things, including those who sleep.

And yet, if I can lose my grip,

Perhaps his life might me equip.

Who do I say this Jesus is?

Can I by love show I am his?

To Pray for

  • Our NHS as they continue to care for us, despite staff shortages

  • Those who battle addictions daily.

  • For those affected by the major earthquake in Mexico

  • Everyone taking part in this weekend's Ride and Stride

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