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Ukraine Appeal Update for the Carlford Benefice

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

There are a number of people from across our villages who have registered to offer accommodation to Ukrainian refuges. There are others, unable to make this offer for different reasons, but who nonetheless want to offer their support. Following a very positive meeting of local people to discuss some of the issues involved, we have identified a few ways some of you might want to consider:

Car drivers: Could you join a list of people able to offer lifts to supermarkets, doctor or dentist appointments and the like?

Clothes: If you have some good quality clothes you no longer need, could you keep them to one side for now. We want to be able to offer suitable clothes for adults looking for jobs, children joining in with parties as well as every day activities.

Teaching English: We would like to gather a list of people who have a TEFL qualification who would be willing to volunteer some time to teach English, particularly to adults.

We anticipate there will be other ways to join in and will keep you posted. Another meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday 17th May, 7pm at Burgh School Room.

Rev’d Katrina

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