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Bishop Darlington and his wife Penina visit 456 club

As part of their visit to Suffolk Bishop Darlington and his wife came to see what 456 Club

was all about. Kagera in Tanzania, is linked to St Eds and Ipswich diocese and Rev Gail met

him on her visit their in February. We shared scones and tea and the children asked lots of

questions about Kagera. It was great to have Mr Wilson join us to share in this special

evening. Annalise, by herself, had held a fundraising car boot sale. She presented the money

to Bishop Darlington. This money will go towards a bike for one of the families in Kagera. He

said that he was quite overcome by this gesture from a child.

It was a very special night and we were very fortunate that we got to share some of our

visitor’s time here in the UK.

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