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Reflections and Prayers 5th Sunday of Easter - 2nd May

Our gospel reading this week, the week before Christian Aid week, provides another of those endearing pictures of Jesus, this time as a vine on which we all depend. The branches get sustenance from the trunk and roots, but all the branches share the support of the vine.

We currently have a dry spell but in Kenya, extreme weather is making it harder and harder to survive. For communities fighting the climate crisis, every last drop matters and every last one of us can help them thrive. The coronavirus pandemic has only increased the urgent need for families to access a reliable source of water.

Photo credit: Christian Aid/Tom Pilston

The devastating climate crisis robs people of the water and food they need to live.

Rose walks for six hours to fetch water for her grandchildren. She tries hard to give them the kind of life she remembers from when she was a girl: when the rivers flowed with water and the crops bore fruit. If we all share God's blessing perhaps we should share more?

Rose and her grandchildren shouldn’t have to go hungry. A simple earth dam, built with the help of Christian Aid’s partners and your donations, could completely change her life. This Christian Aid Week, we can all be some of the hundreds of thousands of our supporters who give, act and pray to stop this climate crisis driving people like Rose to hunger.

From envelope collections to walking 300,000 steps in May, Christian Aid Week brings people together as one community against global poverty and injustice.

This Christian Aid Week (10-16 May), please:

• Give generously to help ensure people like Rose fight this climate crisis.

• Act as we call on the UK Prime Minister to lead the world with ambitious climate action that will also address inequality.

• Pray for a radical change of heart for politicians, and that as a global community we will care for our common home and for people living in poverty.

Together we stop this climate crisis.

Christian Aid Week Prayer

Great God,

Who makes the sun to rise, and opens the heavens

Hear the cry of the people

Who sow in hope for rain, but reap only despair

Hear the cry of the people

Seeking shelter from the storm, their hopes and homes


Hear the cry of the people,

When creation is hitting back, with rage and resistance

Give us hope, grant us salvation,

Give us a new relationship with creation

With reverence to tend this gift from You

And say once again of the earth and all you created

It is GOOD.

To Pray for

  • India who as a country are suffering with the Covid Pandemic. Give them strength and success in their vaccination programme

  • A church in Kenya who has had their 500kg bell stolen

  • The family of Community Police Office, Julia James. Pray that they will get answers and can find peace.

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